Monday, September 26, 2016

Reliance JIO Ugly Truth Exposed

Posted by Namit Behl
Reliane jio exposed

Hello Readers as you all know Reliance JIO is trending all over the market. They are offering your free 4G DATA, SMS & Voice Calls FREE Till 31st December. 

The Word FREE Attracts Many Customers In India :P But "NOTHING COMES FOR FREE" Same goes with Reliance JIO as well. 

Today i will expose the ugly truth of Reliance JIO Behind Giving FREE Benifits What They Are earning. 

A year ago reliance jio was sharing user location data with china.Things haven't changed till date.

In this post we will expose how the reliance jio is sharing all your call data with foreign company and share with you the steps to test it your self

Reliance JIO Exposed

Steps to recreate

1. Download an install burp suite (free edition) from -
2. Configure your android device to send the traffic via burp suite -
3. Download my jio app and jio dialer application from google play store

4. Start capturing and keep intercept off 

5. Goto my jio app and let it update

6. Goto home and use native dialer to make calls

7. Calling data is sent on random interval to from mobile, for fast result close all apps and open native dialer again

8. You will get the packet being sent in proxy history

From the above it is clear that jio app is using third party SDK and not verifying what data the SDK is collecting and where it is sending… this violates the user privacy.

You guys can try yourself from the above methods also connecting jio to your pc can lead your computer's data to high risk. 

For the proof video see the link below

Credits : Anonymous 

Thank You For Reading My Article Stay Tuned For More :)


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